Baby Arlo is here!

Let’s talk about my lifestyle newborn sessions!

First off- I love them, my in-home sessions are so special to me. When you have other children it makes the session so relaxed for them! No car rides and they get to show me all their favorite things. I come in so excited for them to show me around (no offense parents- I focus mainly on them!) Being at home also provides space for feedings, diaper blow outs and quick changes!

I HIGHLY suggest reaching out to me if you have nay questions on styling the family, because what you wear is SO important! I have a few options that are after baby friendly, but I want your style to shine through! As for baby- ALWAYS have a couple options ready- I love neutrals for baby, as long as it compliments what you guys are wearing! I don’t do wrapping of baby in swaddles anymore due to COVID- I actually love a more connected take on individuals of baby, I love baby in your arms, hands and big hugs and kisses by brother or sister. If you have a unique rug or blanket I will use it for a quick solo shot- check out the one of Arlo towards the bottom 🙂

I follow the light in your home and use it to my advantage, I have been known to have families sit in some weird spots- but they have the best outcome!

My main thing- is to document these moments for you to cherish forever, to look back and have that spec of time back! So no matter what BE YOU, love on your people, show me all the snuggles and I will focus on those details!

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