Ali and Peter <3

I’m lucky enough to document more than one type of session, this is a little highlight on Ali and Peter- I absolutely LOVED their morning session in their incredible Minneapolis home. They’re renovating, the over 100 year old house, and it has some pretty dang incredible history. One major point being the heiress to grain belt built it! and at one point is was also had some real sketchy things happen in it too! ( Thats what sage is for!)

When Ali reached out for their session explaining their move back to Minneapolis and the purchase of their home, I was so excited to be the one they wanted to have captured them and their photogenic pup!

I love couples sessions, and I love how everyone story is different, unique to them and their journey- it’s such a beautiful thing to see couples faces light up when you ask how the met/ how they got to where they are… I just love, love stories<3

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