Things to have ready for your session!

How cute is this family of 3?! Loved their sunset session this summer!

I wanted yo do a little different blog post than my normal- a few tips on what to have ready (besides outfits!) for your session! (if you want more info about outfits- feel free to email me- I LOVE STYLING!)

In the summer months- a HUGE thing to bring is BUG SPRAY! This year was crazy with bugs, and I always brought bug spray and offered to clients this year! (don’t worry- I wiped the outside of the bottle with Clorox!)

I love to do a mix of sitting and standing- so bringing a blanket you don’t mind sitting on or snuggling in is another fun thing to bring for the session- sometimes we even do the blanket monster game with kiddos! (make then run under and play a game!)

I LOVE fresh florals, I rely a lot of parks to have luscious florals, but sometimes its after or before peak season and we lose all those beautiful colors! You can always bring fresh flowers and we can incorporate them into your session.

If you have a family heirloom. like an old truck or VW bus- BRING IT! lets have fun and get creative for an adventurous session- I know of plenty locations that we can go for an adventure session.

Best thing of all to bring- YOU AND ALL YOUR PERSONALITY! I love bringing out peoples personalities and all your love for each other!

We are going to have the BEST time at your session- and its memories documented forever- with your loved ones! Bring all the fun and all the love- I’ll make the weird faces to make your kiddos smile 🙂

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