Jordan and PJ {Wedding Day}


This wedding- I tell ya. Not only was it the perfect weather, but it was the perfect day with perfect company.

I have never seen so many hugs in one place! These two are surrounded by people who love them fiercely, and it’s a beautiful sight to see.

Not only are they surrounded by those who love them, but they love each other with their whole hearts. Jordan couldn’t radiate more beauty!!

I feel so blessed that they chose me to have a front seat to their day- its such an honor to capture THESE moments.

These in between moments, these tiny moments

captured forever to look back on, these moments that radiate love and joy.

I don’t care that I say it all the time- because its from the bottom of my heart, so true- I LOVE MY JOB, I love that I get to call THIS work.

Enjoy a look to this beautiful Minnesota May wedding.


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